We spread free speech

The MITSOI is a platoon of MIT students who value and advance academic freedom and open inquiry, no matter what narratives it might shatter. We believe that MIT, known for its inventive spirit and intelligence, should embrace intellectual curiosity and consider heterodox ideas—that's how MIT ascended to the top.

We give a voice to creative, independent, and dissenting thinkers, especially those who built their own story and accomplishments against all odds. We offer them a chance to speak and share their perspective.

Some dislike free speech. They will say they are uncomfortable. That's up to them; we're standing our ground. MITSOI exists to open people's minds with new ideas and viewpoints. What better place to spread free thought than MIT, math and tech capital of the world, home of the inquisitive and brilliant?

We are independent of political groups and affiliations. You will agree and disagree with our comments and our speakers' opinions at some point!

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